Oh, Milo…

MiloOur poor pup has been struggling with some tummy issues for a while now. A visit to the vet about a month ago revealed that he had not only roundworms, but also giardia and coccidia. Allow me to translate: poop, poop, and more poop. He had one round of two antibiotics. Those seemed to aggravate things downstairs, so he had some anti-diarrhea medicine. Two weeks after he finished his medicine, we sent in another sample. Good news! No more roundworms — and thank the lord for that because they were DISGUSTING! Bad news! Still some coccidia and giardia. Onto a new medicine! We also have to bathe him a lot, wipe his paws after every trip outside, and rinse the rocks in our yard with a diluted bleach solution. I also took it upon myself to disinfect out entire house. Floors, slip covers, you name it. It’s clean now. The things we do for love, right?!

Luckily, he doesn’t act sick. He’s not lethargic. He still loves to eat. He’
s still gaining weight, although I think he looks a little too skinny. He still jumps around like a maniac when a friend comes to visit. He’s also losing his baby teeth now, which makes me sad. I’m not ready for him to grow up. I love that he still fits on our laps and likes to be held.

I love when he grabs his toy and shoves it into my lap. I love his cold, wet nose nudging my shins, his little pin teeth gnawing on my fingertips, and hi gross puppy breath. I’m so glad we brought him home. Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Milo…”

  1. So as I’m sitting in Charlotte NC on our 3 hour layover to good ole 29, I am going to read your blog 🙂 you’re such an awesome writer! Poor Milo, we have been there and done that with roni a few months ago when he had giardia…it sucked! I hope your pup is feeling better soon 🙂


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