Friday Favorites

Hello and happy (almost) weekend! I’ve decided I’m going to try to pull together some of my favorite things – pictures, recipes, outfits, new purchases, books, etc – and share them with you in a weekly update. Weekly might be a tad ambitious, but I’ll do my best! 

This week was a quiet one at the Douet house. We spent last weekend deep cleaning the kitchen and the floors. We washed all our slipcovers, too. Of course, this means I then promptly spilled red wine on the arm of the chair in our living room…so that one was washed a second time. Good job, Amanda.

This week, I pulled out a new toy for Stella and she LOVES it. This silicone teething necklace by Nuby is her favorite thing to chew on these days. I can’t wait to bring it on our flight back to Pennsylvania later this month. I’m betting it’s going to come in handy big time. Usually I can’t wear many necklaces thanks to my super sensitive skin. The hives just aren’t worth it. Since this one is silicone, it doesn’t bother me! It’s a win-win! I’ll definitely be looking for some more colors and styles to add to my collection now that I know Stella likes them!

I’ve also been loving this Kate Spade tumbler I picked up from the Marine Corps Exchange here on base. Summer is well underway here in the desert. Staying hydrated is a must – especially for us breastfeeding mamas! It fits perfectly in the cup holders on both our strollers, as well as the cup holders in our car. I always seem to drink more when I have a straw for some reason, so this cup is great!

While I was at the Exchange, I also picked up this e.l.f. bronzer/blush palette in St. Lucia. I like it a lot so far! It has some shimmer to it, which I don’t mind. My foundation doesn’t have any and I don’t usually use highlighter. It adds just enough somethin’ somethin’ to my day-to-day makeup routine. And by ‘day-to-day’ I mean every couple days. What can I say, when it comes to a beauty routine of any kind, I am super lazy. I consider it a good day if I shower before noon. On the plus side, by neglecting my eyebrows I’ve given them a bit of a chance to fill in. My esthetician sister would be proud! 

This week was also full of foods I haven’t had in a while since I just finished up my first round of Whole30. I’ll dedicate another post to how the reintroduction phase went for me. For now, I’ll just say this: boy oh boy, did I miss wine. I picked up a bottle of FitVine Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon. I think I have a new favorite! It was delicious AND I didn’t feel guilty treating myself to a glass – each 5 ounce pour only has 95 calories, 3.4g of carbohydrates, and less than 0.2g of sugar. All of their wines are free of additives, excessive sulfites, GMOs, and residual sugars! I’m probably just a liiiittle too excited to try the other wines they make.

This weekend is probably going to be another one spent doing some serious cleaning. Shhhh, don’t tell Kyle. 

I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of Stella from this week. This girl’s eyelashes are something else!



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