Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I made the best and easiest decision I have ever made. I promised myself, body and soul, to the most wonderful man for the rest of my life. In return, I have received limitless love, unending patience, and a true best friend.

In two years of marriage, we have faced a lot together. We moved into our first home in Georgia, suffered a miscarriage, gained a fur baby, moved across the country to California, made it through a particularly intense predeployment workup, survived a six month deployment to a combat zone, welcomed our firstborn baby girl, as well as hosted gatherings to celebrate everything from NYE, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, to Christmas.

Kyle Peter. Thank you for loving me, for all the laughs, for your continuous support, for always making me feel beautiful, for providing for our family so selflessly, for giving me our daughter, and for so much more. In you, I have found ‘my person’. You have blessed me with the best years of my life thus far (not to mention your culinary skills – I really scored in that department).

Here’s to many, many more years and adventures together. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

Oh, and I’m sorry our celebration dinner has to be Whole30-friendly. I should have planned better.




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