Old Wives Tales at 20 Weeks

Alright, so we all know they’re a little silly and highly inaccurate. There’s no rhyme or reason to the outcomes. Still, I thought it would be fun to go through the list and see what rang true for us.

Here are the old wives tales that made us think we’re having a boy
My skin has been awesome during this pregnancy!
At our last appointment, the heart rate was 138bpm – just below 140.
Kyle has gained weight – but he gained by working out and gaining muscle, so I’m not sure is this would count towards ‘dad gaining weight’ or ‘dad staying fit’…
I’ve only craved salty or sour foods.
I’m carrying low – baby likes to get nice and snug waaaaay down at the very bottom of my uterus.
My right boob is slightly bigger than my left.
While I haven’t gained any weight yet, I have noticed some stretch marks on my thighs…
I have noticed more hair than usual, much to my dismay.
I don’t think my face has gotten any rounder.
I did not suffer from any morning sickness, aside from mild nausea that typically struck later in the day.
I haven’t been too moody or cranky lately – pretty happy mama, for the most part!
For a little while there, my headaches were out of control.
Baking soda pee test fizzed.
My belly is pretty small and mostly round – I don’t look pregnant from behind.

Here are the old wives tales that made us think we’re having a girl
At all but the last appointment, baby’s heart rate was over 140bpm.
When we tried the ring test, it moved in circles.
Kyle has stayed fit.
I’m still graceful/no clumsier than normal.
My feet aren’t any colder than usual.
Chinese calendar said girl.
Mayan calendar said girl.
I like to sleep on my right side.
My hands are soft and warm.

So, as you can quite easily see, if we went strictly off these old wives tales, we would be painting the nursery blue! What do you think – will we be welcoming a little lady or a handsome boy in December?



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