Pregnancy Post: 18 Weeks

Oh hey there, 18 weeks! Little baby D is already the size of a sweet potato – or a croissant if baked goods are more your thing. Roughly 5.5 inches long, and just over 6.5 oz, our sweet little babe now has fingerprints, toe prints, eyelashes, and quite possibly some hair! Oh, and he or she can hear my voice now! One scary fact that I read in one of my many pregnancy apps: if baby is a girl, her ovaries currently hold her future children – our future GRANDCHILDREN. That’s trippy, yo. At my checkup today baby’s heart rate measured 146bpm. I haven’t gained any weight just yet; however, I was overweight at the start of my pregnancy. I’m not too concerned with the lack of poundage just yet. The doctor said my belly is measuring just perfectly so far.

I’ve been feeling pretty great! Baby’s movements are getting easier and easier to feel! My one consistent pregnancy craving to date? Any and all soups. I have no idea why. My brother suggested that maybe it means I’m craving salt; however, I don’t want any other salty foods. I was craving sour things a couple weeks ago. I overdid it on WarHeads, leaving my tongue raw for at least a solid week. Lesson learned. This morning I noticed the faintest start of what I assume is my linea nigra. It’s hardly there, but I see a line. No crazy stretch marks just yet. I’ve noticed what looks like the start of some on the sides of my chest and the tops of my thighs.

We’ve nearly hit the halfway mark and I couldn’t be feeling more blessed. As far as pregnancies go, this one has been pretty wonderful. We’re just two weeks away from finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl! I’m not sure if we’ll tell anyone the name we settle on. I’ve only had one person react negatively to one name idea, and that was enough for me. Loved ones, please take note: if we do share a name idea with you, please refrain from cringing and saying, “oh, I don’t like that…” We have thought long and hard about these names for over a year now. We haven’t yet settled on one for a boy and one for a girl. Rest assured, our children will not be named Wingspan or Banjo. We’re keeping it timeless and classic, I promise.

We haven’t had any scares so far – no cramping, bleeding, etc. My parents have even offered to drive me back out to California in September. I was looking forward to making the trip back to Twentynine Palms with a friend of mine who is also pregnant; however, those plans changed. My fellow 2/7 wife is having a very difficult pregnancy riddled with ER visits, medical procedures, and constant, excruciating pain. I would like to take a moment to ask all of you to keep her, the baby, and her husband – who is overseas with Kyle – in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road ahead of them. They could use all the love and good vibes possible.

Thanks for reading, beautiful people. Until next time!


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