~Secret~ Pregnancy Post: 10 Weeks

We made it to 10 weeks! I had another doctor’s appointment to check on things so far. My weight, blood pressure, etc are all right on track. Baby’s heartbeat was 165bpm! I was surprised the doctor found it with the doppler – she had warned me that she usually can’t until closer to 12 weeks. Knowing we won’t get another look at the baby until 20 weeks is so frustrating! Until then, we’ll get to hear that little heartbeat at each checkup, though.

I haven’t had any crazy cravings, but they’ve mostly been for salty/savory things – like pasta salad or deviled eggs. Not together! I’ve been sleeping okay, too. My nausea and the tenderness I was feeling in my chest have gone away. My clothes are definitely clinging to my belly more than they used to, but I don’t quite have a real bump yet – just bloating. Actually, I haven’t gained any weight yet. I lost 4 pounds! My doctor didn’t seem concerned, so I’ll take it!

We’re working on telling our close family members in person when we get the chance to or by phone call if that’s not possible. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in touch with everyone before we do the big reveal. Until then, we’ll just keep praying this little baby keeps growing!



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