Pregnancy Post: 14 Weeks

Helloooooo second trimester! So blessed to have reached this point! Baby is the size of a lemon now. How crazy is that?! She weighs 1.5 ounces already, too. That little heart is ticking away in the high 140-low 150bpm range! At my checkup today Baby Douet was all the way over on the left side of my belly. 

Mama is craving chicken salad and sparkling water with lemon. At least it’s not cake, right? Still no weight gain. No new symptoms. I swear I’ve been feeling the baby move. Not kicks or anything really strong. More like quick flutters. It’s the best feeling! I can’t wait to feel him move everyday! Nausea is completely gone now. Fatigue is still lingering, although it could have something to do with me working two jobs. Still feeling great, though! Hopefully our good fortune continues! 


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