Goodbye, 2015!

Hello readers! It’s been a while and for that I apologize. Kyle and I had a pretty crazy holiday this year. Our Christmas and New Year’s were jam packed, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here are the highlights of our first very ‘married’ Christmas season…

We were able to fly home and spend the week of Christmas with my family together for the very first time. We usually don’t get to see each other until just after Christmas in Louisiana. It was so wonderful having Kyle there to participate in and experience our family’s traditions this year. I think our favorite gift would have to be the camera my parents generously got for us. Now we can document our married life with something a tad more advanced than our iPhone cameras!

We were able to spend some time with our nephew and godson, Paulie. He has grown so much since we last saw him in July. He is the most beautiful baby boy I think I have ever seen. His laugh is contagious and his smile will melt your heart. I think one of my most treasured moments from our trip would have to be holding him on the couch on Christmas night. He was exhausted, but trying to stay awake to watch the train go around the tree. He would put his little hands around my neck and rest his head on my chest for a few seconds, then sit up again. Living across the country from him for the majority of his first year of life has been and continues to be extremely challenging. However, I do think it helps me to truly cherish the time I am able to spend with him.

We were able to see several friends while we were home. Everyone seems so happy and healthy! New dogs, loving their jobs, new relationships, and awesome life changes…I couldn’t be happier for them all!

We were also able to attend midnight mass at a gorgeous chapel in Harrisburg. Kyle’s brother Keith, the best man in our wedding, sang in the choir during the Latin mass. It was a truly beautiful way to mark the birth of Christ. It was wonderful to stop and take time to remember the reason for the season.

One part of this holiday season that I could have lived without would have to be the stomach bug that hit Kyle, Mom, Anna, Aunt Bee, Paul, Steven, and Nanny. Admittedly not the best way to end Christmas. Poor Kyle always seems to get sick right around this time of year!

I have my driver’s permit now, in case you haven’t heard! When we flew home, we flew out of Vegas. I drove half the way there, as well as half the way back. I may or may not have killed a rabbit coming home…but other than that, it was an uneventful driving experience! I just have to schedule my driver’s test and get myself my very own California license! Wish me luck and pray that any and all rabbits stay clear of our vehicle.

We were also fortunate enough to spend New Year’s Eve amongst friends. We hosted a little get-together at our house. We had snacks, drinks, and played games. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. It was a little strange watching the ball drop at nine o’clock…

I was also lucky enough to see an old friend from home. Hannah came out and visited for a few days with us. We went whale watching, explored Laguna Beach tide pools, and toured the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Springs. It was great hearing about her recent travels and reconnecting with her. I hope we have even more visitors in 2016!

I have a few resolutions this year. I would like to read more, drink more water, be more active, lose some serious weight, get through this deployment in one piece, train Milo well, get my license, pay off our credit card debt…I could go on all day. The point is, I am hoping to start and finish 2016 with my best foot forward. No more excuses. No more putting things off. By this time next year, I would like to be able to say I came through for myself.

Here’s to making 2016 an even better year, one day at a time!



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