SUPERSTARSHello again! I have a much more positive post for you guys today. I joined a kickball team! It’s for spouses of the guys in Kyle’s unit. We play against spouses from other units. What’s our team name, you may ask?! We are the 2/7 Superstars, a la Mary Katherine Gallagher.

If you know me at all, you know I am not athletic now, nor have I ever been. The only marathons I’ve ever participated in consisted of me, my couch, and Netflix. All jokes aside, I really needed to make some new friends out here. With Kyle away on training, this seemed like the perfect way to do it. First of all, let me start off by saying that this league is no joke. These ladies are 100% serious. We had to buy cleats to play! We played our first scrimmage yesterday and absolutely crushed it. We won, 18-5. I’m genuinely surprised that no one passed out or puked. Did I mention that the high for yesterday was 101 degrees?! We played from about 2:30-4. Let me just tell you, I am out. of. shape. That being said, I did get a few runs in! I sounded like I was going to keel over for the entire game, but I’m proud of myself for seeing it through. I am so glad that I went against my gut and joined this team of wonderful ladies. I had so much fun yesterday, which came as a real surprise. I even left with a bit of a suntan! We have games on Sunday afternoons and practices once a week in the evenings. Wish us luck for this season and pray that I don’t get a farmer’s tan before the Marine Corps Ball!

I think my favorite thing about this team is the fact that we are in this together. All our husbands are in the same unit. When they’re on training, on a deployment, anything – they all go together. That leaves me with this fantastic group of warrior wives. We are stronger together. Here’s to a SUPER season, SUPERSTARS!


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